Your royal memories are one click away! Please complete the Booking Agreement below so we can finalize your booking. We look forward to making your travel seamless.

*Please make sure you list LEGAL names as reflected on passport, license or birth certificate.

- As you are aware, our Travel Specialists provide a high level of expertise, ease of access, and much-added value to your vacation experience. Due to the nature of our profession, Travel Specialists are not compensated for the time spent quoting, booking, and planning vacation packages unless you book your vacation package directly with Savvy Travel Group AND complete travel of said vacation package.

- Since we must ensure our Travel Specialists are compensated for the professional services they provide, a fee will be due should you need to cancel your vacation. This fee will serve as compensation, to your Travel Specialist, for the work and services they have done on your behalf.

- A cancellation fee of $50/per traveler will be due before your Travel Specialist begins the cancellation process(es) on your reservation. The cancellation fee will be billed via Square invoice and is due upon receipt. No fee will be charged if you move your trip to a new set of dates.

*Please note that you are not making a payment by submitting this form. Your Travel Specialist will process your payments for you within 24 hours of receipt.

Please provide your Credit Card information below: *Your Travel Specialist will contact you for the full credit card information.*

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason you need to change your Royal Caribbean Account password, please let your Travel Specialist know ASAP. This could affect the ability for us to complete check-in, book onboard experiences, and excursions.

*Please Note - Travel insurance may be added up until the time of travel, however, if you would like a "Cancel For Any Reason" policy or to cover pre-existing conditions, this must be added within 15 days of your deposit.

Travel Insurance is recommended by Savvy Travel Group to protect you from situations that could cause your vacation to be canceled, interrupted or delayed which could result in a loss of time and money. Please contact your Travel Specialist to discuss options and insurance providers available for your reservation(s) and pricing.

Buy travel protection from Travel Insured International

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*A booking confirmation and payment receipt will be emailed to you when your booking has been made and payment has been applied. Please print this page for your records.*

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