Our Team

Passionate. Dedicated. Experienced.
Ashlee Walker, CEO Savvy Travel Group
407-205-9078 ashlee@savtravel.com
Amy Moon
407-917-5778 amy@savtravel.com
Travel Concierge - Diamond Seller
Emily Michaels-Quinn
412-913-7295 emily@savtravel.com
Travel Concierge - Platinum Seller
Kimberlie Buxton
802-274-5287 kimberlie@savtravel.com
Executive Travel Concierge & Marketing Strategist - Platinum Seller
Martha Jane Alexander
423-748-4939 marthajane@savtravel.com
Travel Concierge - Platinum Seller
Penny Saewert
701-261-8660 penny@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist
Dawn Cox
205-266-9573 dawn@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist - Silver Seller
Christie Chambers
706-255-5190 christie@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist - Bronze Seller
Rebecca Berger
701-261-8660 rberger@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist
Heather Flores
478-747-1224 heather@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist
Amanda Johnson
210-857-2863 amanda@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist
Jessie Hoover
205-821-4778 jessie@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist
Tori Chance
205-369-7468 tori@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist
Krista McKinney
478-747-7016 krista@savtravel.com
Travel Specialist

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Savvy Travel Group

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